Big, Bad Red – Chapter Six, Part One

Big, Bad Red

With her soft lips on his, all the blood drained from Liam’s brain straight to his cock. Spell or not, the woman was addictive. 

The need to feel her, touch her, taste her, nearly overwhelmed him and he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue inside her sweet mouth. The move drew him as much as her into a state of blissful torment. It was too much and not enough at the same time. He reached for her, squeezing his arm between the tabletop and her luscious body. There was barely enough room in the cramped space of their overnight prison cell. Side by side with the table only inches from their fronts and the high-backed booth behind them, there really wasn’t the kind of room he wanted for this. He needed to spread her out and feast on her every curve until she trembled in his arms, sated and silly with satisfied lust.

Pushing the base of the heavy table with his foot, he moved it three inches and gave them enough room to maneuver. He clasped her hips tightly and lifted her, ignoring her surprised gasp before setting her down on the table in front of him like a sensual meal he was going to fully enjoy.

It could have been the magic thickening the air, but he couldn’t make himself believe it because when he looked up at her, taking in her desire-hooded eyes and kiss-swollen lips, the world changed. It shrank. It enlarged. It became full of possibilities and hope. He hadn’t been looking for forever when he’d walked into Granny’s Pub, but he’d found it anyway. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let it go now.

Her hands went between her legs, pushing the short skirt to the table while inching it higher at the same time, teasing him with an almost view of the Promised Land. “You aren’t going to eat me are you, big bad wolf?” she asked, desire turning her voice husky.

He gave her just the leer she wanted. “Without a doubt.”

Liam encircled each of her wrists and placed her hands behind her. The move pressed her tits hard against her shirt, the pinpoints of her puckered nipples tenting the material. “Keep them here.” He held her hands to the table for a moment, knowing that if she touched him now he wouldn’t be able to take the time to do all the things they both craved.

Mentally cursing the tight fit of his leather pants as his cock grew with each inhale, he brought his hands to her front and lifted the hem of her shirt. Slowly. So slowly it almost broke him. But there would only be one first time and he wanted to make it last, because he couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t run when the spell wore off. He had tonight though, and he meant to make the most of it. 

She made a sound, a sweet moan that was half surrender and half encouragement. Thanking the fates for every last bit of light from the streetlamps coming in through the large front windows, he returned to his leisurely visual feast as he moved her shirt upward. Freckles circled her tummy button like planets around a sun and he traced their trajectory with the tip of his tongue. She undulated under his sensual assault, begging for more without saying a word. 

He pushed the red shirt higher as she shivered under his touch. Inch after inches of mouthwatering brown skin came into view. Aching to touch her and unable to draw out this divine pain anymore, he pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a white lace bra that did nothing to hide the perfection of her dark nipples and full breasts. He circled the pad of his thumb around her tempting nipple, feeling every bit the proud caveman when it peaked even more. 

“Are you trying to kill me?” She groaned out the question as she scooted closer to the edge of the table so that her heavy tits where level with his mouth.

“Maybe just myself.” Every part of him strained toward her, even as he kept himself as still as possible. He needed a minute to calm the fuck down or everything would be over almost as soon as it began.

“We can’t have that.” She reached up her back and unclasped her bra.

“Fuck me.” The words came out with all the reverence he felt, even if his word choice was influenced by the lack of blood north of his waist.

“Such a flatterer.” She laughed and twisted to the left to reach the side clasp of her skirt.

That’s when he saw it. An inch wide, the scar traveled across her left side, narrowing as it curled around her ribs and stopping at a point just under her breast. He traced his finger across it. “What happened?”

Red stiffened, transforming from the teasing, relaxed sex goddess she’d been a minute ago to the hard-as-nails badass he’d first met. “It’s nothing.”

Anger bubbled under the surface, popping against his skin and expanding with each inhale. “I know an enchanted lash’s mark when I see it.” 

“Then get your fill.” She turned more, displaying her back and shoulders, revealing the faded scars marring her skin.

“Who?” He needed the name as much as he needed oxygen because that person was going to pay. Dearly.

She shook her head, still keeping her face pointed away from him. “It doesn’t matter.” 

Her shoulders shook. Just the tiniest fraction, but that, combined with the dull flatness of her tone, was enough to stab him through the heart as fury and impotence ate away at his gut. “Tell me.”

“I grew up in The Woods neighborhood, not that far from here. It’s dangerous—especially for a little girl left on her own at eleven. I did better than most.” She paused and turned back to face him, her eyes hard and her chin thrust out. “I lived.”

Liam’s life hadn’t been easy—watching your family transform into wolves and lose any sense of their former humanity wasn’t exactly child-psychologist approved—but he’d had friends, guardians and people in his corner. “What happened to your parents?”

“They trusted someone they shouldn’t.” She grabbed her shirt, holding is close to her chest in a tight grip. “End of story.”

Someday he’d get her to tell him the whole story and help her put the memories to rest. Then, during a full moon, he’d hunt down the responsible parties and devour their still-beating hearts. The silent vow seeped into his bones, becoming as much a part of his future as she was. “You can trust me.”

Red snorted, making even that ridiculous sound sexy. “Why, because of some love spell that neither of has any control over?”

His conscience elbowed him in the ribs; if she ever found out, she’d never forgive him for his lie of omission, but it was too late to go back now. “Because I promise from this day forward to never hurt you. Ever.”

“Sounds like a fairy tale to me.” Her voice remained tough, but her chin trembled.

He tugged her shirt from her hands and dropped it to the table’s smooth surface before pulling her to the edge and bringing his mouth to within millimeters of hers. “So let me prove it to you.”

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