Hot Ink – Chapter Five, Part Two

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Sawyer deepened the kiss, stroking his tongue along the seam of her lips and  plunging inside her sweet mouth. The press of her tits against his bare chest made him forget about any lingering sting from his fresh tattoo and all about the woman in his arms. Penny wasn’t like the other women he brought home. She was more than the subject of a bet where half a month’s salary was on the line. She was…Penny with her snarky humor and her quick brain and her dangerous curves.

For weeks he’d been getting lost between the legs of women he knew next to nothing about and getting nothing more than an orgasm out of it. Now he wanted—needed—more and only from Penny.

Tightening his grip on her hips, he pulled her closer so there was no way she could miss his hard cock straining against his shorts then he tore his mouth away from hers. “You feel what you do to me?”

“Yes.” She grabbed his wrist and slid it between them until she could press his palm to the juncture of her thighs. “The same thing you do to me.”

 It was hot and no doubt wet and swollen underneath her jeans. Was she commando or cotton under there? Lace or silk? He wanted to see her in and out of all of it—but later. Right now he wanted her naked with her thighs splayed wide so he could taste his fill as she came all over his tongue.

“Unless you want all of our neighbors to see you naked and coming hard,” he managed to get out before he lost control and threw her over his shoulder caveman style. “We need to take this inside. Now.”

She undulated against his palm, her lust-darkened gaze never straying from his face. “Anxious to get between these thighs?”

“You have no idea.”

She flicked her tongue against his nipple, sending a fresh surge of lust roaring through him. “Tell me.”

“I’m perpetually hard around you.” He slipped his fingers under the hem of her T-shirt. “I stay up at night wondering what you taste like, what you sound like when you come and what it will feel like when you clench that tight pussy of yours around my cock as I pound into you.” Sliding upward across her smooth skin, he cupped her full, firm tits and glided his thumb across her hard nipples pushing against the confines of her bra. “I want to fuck the memory of every other guy you’ve ever been with out of your head. I want to leave you sweaty and satisfied but still wanting more. I want to make you forget about everything else happening in your world because all you can do is ride the orgasms washing over you.” He leaned down, nipped at the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder and then gave it a sucking kiss. “I want all of you.”

“Orgasms?” The tip of her pink tongue darted out and wet her full bottom lip before she grazed her teeth across it. “Plural?”

“Absolutely.” Hating to do it but knowing he had to, he smoothed his fingers back down over her smooth stomach and out from underneath her shirt. Like the kiss, she had to make the call. He could only present his best case.

“You’re so cocky,” she said.

“No.” He curled a hand around the back of her neck, high enough that his fingers tangled in the soft red strands of her hair, and then leaned down and brushed his lips across hers in the briefest of kisses. The disappointed mewl Penny made when he pulled away told him everything he needed to know. “I’m confident.”

Sawyer stepped back, immediately missing the taste of her cherry Chapstick on his lips, the feel of her warm curves pressed against him and the temptation of fisting her hair and pulling it tight as he slid balls deep inside her. 

Lust darkening her eyes, she considered him for a moment before hooking a finger into the waistband of his shorts and tugging him toward the door leading inside. “Then show me what you’ve got, big boy.”

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