Hot Ink – Chapter Four, Part One

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Daring Ink sat on the edge of the Wynwood Art District, the perfect location for the high-end artsy clientele who could afford and wanted custom tattoos. Sawyer rolled his Victory motorcycle to a stop in front of the studio and scoped the place out. One story with a black awning over the door and Daring Ink written in red on the front door, he would have known Penny had a hand in the decorating even if she hadn’t been the owner. The woman found what she liked and she stuck to it.

It was just past ten in the morning on a Saturday, but there was already a few people going in. He took off his helmet and stored it in the saddlebag and strode to the front door. Time to join the influx as just another guy looking for a tattoo.

The set up inside was simple. Illustrations of tattoos hung at eye level on the walls in the front part of the studio along with the framed examples of Penny’s custom work. The buzzing sound of tattooing in progress and the occasional groan filtered out from behind the four curtained off areas in the back that reminded him of the treatment areas in an emergency room. A skinny guy in a Moody Mondays T-shirt lounged against a waist-high glass case filled with Daring Ink T-shirts and shot glasses, trying to chat up the woman in a shredded Daring Ink T-shirt on the other side.

Platinum blonde with a detailed skull and roses tattoo on her upper arm, she ignored Mr. Try Hard and gave Sawyer a slow up and down then sauntered around the case to come stand by him.

“Looking for anything in particular?” The platinum blonde asked as she slid her hands into her back pockets and arching her back just enough to push her Miami-level big tits outward. 

He noticed—he wasn’t dead—but the usual instinct to follow up on her non-verbal invitation never appeared. Instead, he looked past her to the closed door marked Employees Only. 

“I’m looking for Penny,” he said.

“She expecting you?”

“Against her better judgement I’m sure.”

“I’ll go get her.” She leaned in closer. “But you let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.”

He winked. “Will do.”

The blonde disappeared through the employee only door. A minute later she came out with Penny. He’d seen his sexy neighbor in nothing but a T-shirt and in a barely-there green bikini—both hot enough to melt the polar icecap—but seeing in tight jeans that sat down low on her hips and hugged her ass turned his mouth dry and made him wonder if it would be better to peel them off her slow or take him time inching them down as he licked, nibbled and sucked every millimeter of skin as it was exposed.

If he lived through the next few hours, he’d do whatever it took to make that fantasy a reality. “Hey, honey.”

She stopped dead in her tracks, her jaw dropping open before she snapped it shut on the next breath and glared at him. 

“Honey?” the blonde asked her eyebrows shooting up in surprise.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Penny. Her temper turned her cheeks pink and made her tits rise and fall in time with her quick breathing. She wasn’t going to like what came next, but it couldn’t be helped.

“We’re dating,” Sawyer said.

A groan escaped from Penny’s smooth red lips. “We. Are. Not.” 

He shrugged at the blonde, playing to his audience. “Whatever you say, honey.”

“Is room three ready, Staci?” Penny asked the blonde through clenched teeth.

The blonde nodded, her gaze bouncing from Penny to Sawyer. He gave it about thirty seconds after he and Penny disappeared before everyone in the place heard all about his assertion and Penny’s denial, which meant as soon as he called for a break the employees would be jumping over each other to get the real scoop.

“If you’ll follow me, Mr. Dixon,” Penny said as she turned on her heel, not bothering to wait to see if he’d comply.

Sawyer shook his head and followed along behind. He’d just pissed off the woman about to jab him a billion times with the needle. It was for a good reason, but that didn’t mean she’d see that right away. Good thing he’d always been able to sell sand to a guy living at the beach, now he had to put that skill to good use or he really would end up with Hello Kitty inked on his back.

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