Hot Ink – Chapter Six, Part One

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Penny led him through her apartment to her bedroom, the one room no one else ever got to see. In her three years living in the condo, she’d never brought another man to her own bed preferring to bang and leave from their homes, which made for less mess or stress in her own life. But with Sawyer, things were different. He strutted around surrounded by an invisible cloud of sex pheromones and the intangible promise of possibility. 

She didn’t stop until the back of her legs hit the bed, then she released her hold on him. “Take it off.”

“Miss Bossy all of the sudden, huh?” A sexy grin curled up one side of his mouth as he strummed the metal button of his shorts, toying with it.

The move drew her attention to right where he no doubt wanted. The outline of his cock was plain to see as it pressed against his shorts. Thick. Long. Hard. Heat pooled in her core, making her slick and needy for him. The bastard, he knew exactly what he was doing. Then again—she unsnapped her shorts and shimmied out of them—so did she.

“I know what I want.” She slipped her arms inside her T-shirt, undid her bra and let the satin material slide down her body before extending her arms through the shirt again. Her nipples puckered against the thin cotton material that stopped well short of the hot pink satin thong sitting low on her hips. 

“What’s that?” he asked, his voice low and raspy.

To see the prize at the end of his happy trail. “You naked.”

“Lucky for you….” He unbuttoned his sorts and lowered the zipper. “I’m in an accommodating mood.”

Springy honey-brown curls peeked out from the opening. She gulped and clenched her thighs. Commando. He’d been strutting around her condo for how long while free balling it. If she’d have known, she would have been sneaking even more peeks than she had already. 

“Get on the bed,” he said. 

It wasn’t a request and she didn’t care. That little growly tone in his voice made her want him more, but she didn’t give in that easy. The chase—the anticipation—that was half of the fun.

Planting her hands on her hips, she stood straighter and thrust her breasts out. “Not until your naked.”

Eyes dilated, his mouth twisted for a second in a way that promised she’d pay for that later in the best way possible. Without saying a word, he flipped off his sandals and shoved his shorts the rest of the way down. The resulting dampness between her legs made a mockery of the entire concept of panties. His cock was fucking beautiful. He was big—not like scary porn star big, but like Fassbender in that sex addict movie big—and she couldn’t wait to wrap both hands around its impressive girth before taking the smooth head into her mouth. 

“Get on the fucking bed.” Hunger darkened his eyes and made his body hard and ferocious. 

“I don’t know we might disturb the neighb—” Before she could finish the snarky remark, she was a foot off the ground, her feet dangling in the air.

He tossed her lightly onto the bed, then strode to the edge and loomed over her. “Teasing time is over. No words. Not unless it’s about what you want me to do to that pussy of yours that is so wet I can smell its sweet tang or how you want me to suck or tweak your absolutely perfect tits or any way you want me to play with your body or what you want to do to mine.”

“I want to suck your cock.” She licked her lips in anticipation.

A slow smile spread across his face and he wrapped one hand around his dick, stroking it slowly as if to say he’d decide the when and the where of that. “Take off your clothes and lay on your back.”

She’d never stripped so fast in her life, but it wasn’t fast enough. An urgency had taken her over, driving her to a level of wanting she’d never experienced before. It wasn’t just in want of an orgasm. This was different. This was a connection, a coupling, she couldn’t explain.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said half under his breath. 

He didn’t touch her. He didn’t have to. Her body responded to his gaze traveling over her as if it were a caress, going wet and soft and pliant everywhere except for her nipples and clit. 

“Turn on your side.” He laid down next to her, his face inches from her pussy.

Adjusting his position to account for the height differential, he curved his body so his cock pointed straight at her mouth. Understanding dawned and she bent her top leg at the knee and put her foot on the bed, giving him better access to the one place she needed him to touch now. As he slid his finger tips across her wet folds, exploring and testing her responses, she extended her tongue and licked around his head making sure to taste the pre-cum making it glisten.  

He groaned and dipped a finger inside her, circling her entrance before going in farther to rub against her G-spot. Her thigh muscles quivered as the tingling sensation spiraled outward. The urge to surrender to it, to just lay back and enjoy the ride, was nearly to tempting to ignore, but she was too greedy to do that. She wanted the body-buzzing high he was giving her along with the vicarious pleasure she was taking by enjoying his dick. She wanted it all and thank God, Sawyer was very good at performing double duty. He added a second finger to the first, twisting them inside her, making sure that one—and sometimes both—were making contact with the bundle of nerves inside. She let out a strangled moan as she wrapped both hands, one stacked on top of the other, around his wide girth and then dipped her head down and sucked the head into her mouth. A hint of salty remained and she swiped at it with her tongue as she took in as much of him as possible. Mr. Anaconda Cock hadn’t been false advertising. 

“That’s it honey, swallow me just like that. If you only knew how many times I’ve looked at your lips and wondered how they’d look wrapped around me just like that.” He worked his fingers inside her harder, but kept up his slow, torturous pace. “A little more. I want to feel the back of your throat.” He eased his hips forward. “Yes, honey, that is amazing. You are amazing.”

Breathing through her nose, she took as much of him in as she could from that angle, loving the taste of him and the sound of his appreciative groans that sent a shiver of desire straight through her.

“Honey, you’re so slick for me. I just love looking at all this wet pink, but I can’t wait much longer to taste you.” 

He increased the speed and pressure from his fingers on her G-spot, never touching her clit no matter how desperate it was for relief. The vibrations in her thighs intensified, growing longer and stronger as he moved his magic fingers, his face only inches from her core where he could see ever twitch and clench.

“You’re close, honey. Look at how your sweet pussy grasps at my fingers.” He picked up speed, tapping and rubbing his fingers across the sensitive bundle of nerves as he finger fucked her past the point of no return. “That’s it. I want to see your pussy flood while my dick’s buried in your mouth. Then, I’m going to lick you clean so you can come again, only this time all over my face.”

Spurred on by his words and promises, she took him as deep as she could, filling herself with him on both ends, as she gave herself up to the pleasure taking her higher and higher until it exploded taking away everything except for him.

Breathless and with her heart racing, she let his cock slip from between her lips and collapsed onto her back, gulping in air and trying to remember her name.

“Oh no, honey.” He drew himself up onto all fours and stranded her still recovering body, his wet cock dangling above her face too high for her to reach unless she propped herself up and his mouth parallel to her pussy. “That wasn’t just talk.” He dove in between her thighs, licking her clit soft and slow. “Even better than what I thought you’d taste like. Is it too sensitive?”

“No,” she sighed, fisting the comforter in her hands as the vibrations started again, this time on the outside of her thighs traveling across her hips and straight up to her nipples. “God, it’s good.”

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