Hot Ink – Chapter Three, Part One

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Penny stared at her bedroom wall—her silent bedroom wall—and tried to understand what she’d just done.

You said yes, dumb ass.

Why in the hell had she done that? She never asked for help. It was the one thing she and her twin brother, Copper, had in common. Well, that and the red hair and stubborn streak. Still, she’s said yes to Sawyer. It made no sense.

The doorbell buzzed.

It was too late to go back now. Her temper had landed her smack dab in the middle of trouble again. At least this time it wasn’t the mystery man who happened to be her surprise father on the other side of her door. This time she knew the devil in the hallway.

Hurrying through her condo, she pinched her cheeks and smoothed her stick straight hair back behind her ears. By the time she turned the doorknob, she was ready for battle. 

Sawyer stood in hallway in olive shorts and a white T-shirt that fit snug across his broad, muscular shoulders. 

He held out an unopened package of Oreos in one hand and two unopened bottles of beer in the other. “Peace offering.”

Her mouth watered at the sight of the chocolate and creme cookies. “How did you know?”

“Your wrist.”

She glanced down at the Oreo cookie tattoo on the inside of her wrist. It wasn’t her best tattoo, the details weren’t as crisp as they should be, but it had been her first. Her brother had the glass of milk inked into his full sleeve tattoo. Her cookie though was small and easily noticed. The fact that he had made her brain all fuzzy.

“Wow.” She brushed her thumb across the quarter-sized tattoo as if she could rub away the discombobulated feeling Sawyer always incited. “Usually most guys just notice my boobs.”

“Those are pretty phenomenal too.” He winked, but his gaze never dropped from her face.

Someone was on his best behavior, which only put her more on guard. “Come on in. I’ll go grab a bottle opener.”

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