More Hot Dare – Chapter 8, Part 3

Chapter Eight, Part Three

In the two hours since Angie had left her initial message for her boss, video of the accident had gone viral and #ThunderCrash was trending—something she didn’t know until Dylan had unloaded on her with both barrels. 

“What were you thinking, letting an active player go parasailing?” Dylan asked, the frustration in his voice coming through loud and clear over the phone.

Her gut twisted and she fought to keep her breathing even. Never in her life had she ever wished she could go back in time as much as she did at that moment, but damn it, she’d done her research. “The company came highly recommended and this is the first incident in its entire history.” 

Incident? That’s what you’re calling almost killing off a man who was one of the best linebackers in the league?”

“Is,” she snapped back.


It shouldn’t matter to her what tense Dylan used to talk about Colt, but it did. A fact that had her sinking her nails into her palm so she wouldn’t start crying again. “He is one of the best linebackers.”

“Shit like that is not going to help you.”

Fuck. She needed to put down the shovel before her hole got any deeper. “Sorry.”

“I went out on a limb backing your participation on this fan cruise,” Dylan said. “You promised nothing would go wrong. Now we have local and national media on our ass about something that never should have happened and a player who was finally back on the roster questionable again. I’m sorry, Angie, but this means the promotion is out of the question.”

She clamped her jaw closed and stared at the ceiling as if she’d find something there that would make all of this better. Her chin quivered and tears cascaded down her face. Wiping the moisture away with the back of her hand, she took in a shaky breath.

“I understand.” But that didn’t make it hurt any less. “I’m glad to still have my job.”

“You can thank Colt for that. He went to bat for you with Ian.”

It took a minute for the words to sink in, but they still didn’t make sense. “Why?”

“You’ll have to ask him.”

That wasn’t going to happen. She was grateful for what Colt did but that didn’t change anything between them. It couldn’t. Believing that things could have ended any differently than ugly was just foolishness.

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