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The sass is strong with this one.
Page-turning romance. Sexy, smart-ass heroes. Kickass heroines.

Hey there! Do you love books? I totally love books. Obviously, we are supposed to be friends. :) I read anything I can get my hands on (with the exception of military history - ugh, total snoozefest) but my reader heart belongs to romance. I love it all from the cozy mystery to the steaming-hot, my-eReader-just-melted erotic romance. I’ve yet to find a romance sub-genre I don’t like and I hope I never do. The books I write fall into the sassy, snarky, fan-yourself-it’s-so-hot contemporary and action adventure romance category. If you’re looking for a lot of angst, I’m not your girl. But if what you want is a good time with a page-turning romance full of sexy as sin, smart-ass alpha heroes and kickass heroines who know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs, then I am your girl. The promise I make all my readers is that when you get done with one of my books, you’ll not only have the happily-ever-after sigh, you’ll be grinning your face off too.

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