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Here it is! All of the books! All of the main couples! 

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Hot RomComs With A Paranormal Twist

Leona Sherwood & Erik Svensen

Witchingdom #2

Women's Fiction Set In The Burbs

Shhhhhh! It's A Secret

Burbs #2

Hot RomComs That Take Place in The World of Harbor City

Ooooh! It's A Secret!

I swear, I can't tell you anything yet.

Kinsey Dalton & Grif Beckett

Last Man Standing #2

I Know Something You Don't Know

Downside To Dating #2

Yep! Still A Secret!

I swear, I can't tell you anything yet.

Chelle Finch & Nash Beckett

Last Man Standing #3

Yep. Still Not Telling

Downside To Dating #3

Sexy, Funny Action Adventures That Take Place In The World Of Harbor City

Steamy Contemporary Romance Set In The World of Salvation, Virginia

Miranda Sweet & Logan Martin

Sweet Salvation Brewery #1

Natalie Sweet & Sean O'Dell

Sweet Salvation Brewery #2

Aubrey Dean & Carter Hayes

A Gone Wild Novella

Olivia Sweet & Mateo Garcia

Sweet Salvation Brewery #3

Keisha Jacobs & Gabe Campos

Standalone Novella

Sizzling Romantic Suspense With A Sense Of Humor

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