Series: B Squad #1
Release Date: June 7, 2016
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Falling in love is the easy part, staying together…now that’s the biggest challenge of all.

Everything is finally working out for Bianca Sutherland and Taz Hazard. They’re in love and running B-Squad Security and Investigations. They’ve planned the perfect operation to take down the dangerous drug kingpin who’s kidnapped one of Bianca’s best friends. Easy as right? Then Taz’s wife—who was supposed to be his ex-wife—shows up on the eve of the big rescue mission and threatens to blow up his and Bianca’s happily ever after. Can you say awkward?

The last thing Bianca wants after the revelation that Taz might still be married, MARRIED!! is to have to spend time with her very recently former live-in boyfriend who never told her he’d ever been married in the first place, ugh. But it’s too late to change plans now. To save her friend, she has to put on her big girl panties and go undercover with Taz as a newlywed couple at an exclusive resort.

The only thing Taz wants is Bianca and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win her back. But when it’s his life on the line, will it be too late for him to show her that his past is over and she’s the only woman for his future or will he lose her forever?

Brazen is a stand alone novel and the first full novel in the B-Squad series. However, if you need to find out how Taz and Bianca met and fell in love, check out Bulletproof, a novella set in Liliana Hart’s MacKenzie Security world.

Brazen (B-Squad Book 1) Sneak Peek
Taz strolled out of the bathroom in a haze of steam. A white towel sat low on his hips and the wet ebony waves of his hair made his mossy green stand out even more than usual against his brown skin. The air of barely-constrained danger and never-questioned dominance as natural to him as his confident strut when he crossed the open space toward her. She caught a glimpse at his full lips curled into a sexy smirk moments before he walked behind her as if he wasn’t thinking the exact same lusty thoughts that she was.

He could have her anyway he wanted and the cocky bastard knew it—but then again the reverse was just as true.

They may not have their darkest secrets to each other, but all of those skeletons were in the past and they were about the future. Taz. Her. The B-Squad. She formed a fist around the good luck brass balls. They’d find Gidget, destroy the drug kingpin and the world would be theirs. There was nothing standing in their way.

Taz wrapped a sinewy forearm around her waist, yanking her backwards against his hard chest. “It’s not polite to play with your balls so much.”

Desire licked her skin, making her feel as naked as he was. Water droplets from his chest dampened the back of her black tank top. Her mouth went dry. Her panties went wet. And her heart went into overdrive.

“Like you know anything about being polite,” she said, her voice breathy and low.

His fingers dropped to the button of her jeans. “I’d rather stick with what I’m good at.”

She looked down at the her phone laying next to the suitcase. Fuck—and not in the good way. “We have to leave in less than half an hour and you haven’t even started packing.”

“I’m a dude.” Taz kissed and nibbled along the exposed column of her throat, sending delicious shivers of want through her. “It takes me five minutes to scoop things out of one drawer and put them into a suitcase.” He suddenly dropped his seductive hold on her and moved to stand next to her, his attention focused on the matching set of luggage spread out over their king-sized bed. “Oh God, tell me we aren’t using these obnoxious things.”

She glanced down at the six-piece set of limited edition Louis Vuitton suitcases she’d borrowed from one of her Sutherland cousins. They were expensive, ostentatious and beyond over the top, which exactly what made them the perfect accessory for going undercover at any exclusive resort to find Gidget and take down the mystery asshole who’d kidnapped her.

Taz reached into the half-filled suitcase and pulled out a bright green scrap of material. The swimsuit was on the high end of the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-polka-dot bikini scale. It looked even more ridiculously tiny when being held in Taz’s strong boxer’s hands that could—and had—done serious damage. The contrast between the delicate, ultra-feminine string bikini and the strong, very male hands holding it was enough to make her giggle.

He pivoted, giving her an eye full of his eight-pack abs and the precarious hold the white towel had on his lean hips, and held out the bikini like it was nuclear waste. “You can’t wear this.”

Annoyance snapped her spine straight at his high-handed declaration. “Why not?”

He glared at her, not even bothering to hide his bossy alpha-hole tendencies. “You do realize this mission is work?”

She huffed out a sigh and rolled her eyes. Men. “What, you want to work this undercover gig as the fabulously rich and newly married Mr. Alderson in your old gold boxing robe with Taz ‘Tasmanian Devil’ Hazard embroidered on it?”

The sexy idiot grinned at her like she’d just uttered the most brilliant thing ever. “That’s one way to make sure no one gets the wrong idea.”

She hip checked him. Hard.

He smiled down at her like she was just the cutest thing ever and dropped a possessive hand to her waist, pulling her against his brick wall of a body.

Bianca glared up at him even as her nipples puckered and warm desire made her lungs tight. “Shove the caveman back in the closet, if Mrs. Alderson needs to do a little skin flashing or flirting with the resort guests or staff to get the intel we need to find Gidget then you’re just going to have to suck it up.”

The twenty minute warning went off on her cellphone. The high-pitched beeping bounced off the loft’s high ceilings and ricocheted back down, a shrill reminder of what was at stake on this trip. She wiggled out of Taz’s grip, giving herself some breathing room. The tip leading them to the Indulgence Resort was their last lead. The scrap of paper with a partial reservation number was all they had after trail had gone ice cold in Phoenix.

The drug kingpin who’d taken Gidget six months ago had been hoping to snag Bianca instead—why she had no idea. No matter how much digging she and the B-Squad team had done, they hadn’t been able to figure out who was behind Gypsy’s Wish or why he was targeting Bianca and her friends from the now defunct St. Bernadette’s Academy for Young Ladies, AKA St. B’s Reform School for Rich Bitches, where the monied sent their very bad daughters. She’d thought the nightmare that had been St. B’s ended after three girls killed themselves and the authorities raided the school before shutting it down and arresting most of the administrators. Now more than a decade later, St. B’s specter was back and pointing them toward paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

The Indulgence Resort was a string of five small private islands in the Pacific a few hundred miles from Hawaii. Instead of hotel rooms, guests stayed in individual luxury treehouses and stayed for a minimum of a month. It was exclusive, expensive and exhaustively hard to get into. It was a miracle Elisa had managed to pull off a last minute reservation, but the woman had connections that spanned both sides of the legal line and she’d used every one needed to make it happen.

The resort’s isolation provided an ideal if unusual location for the mystery man to continue the tests on the effects of the latest more vicious version of Gypsy’s Wish. At least that was what they’d been hearing whispers about from Vivi’s DEA contacts. The newest iteration of the drug that had simply amplified users’ lust, greed or fury now directed it, turning the users into puppets who weren’t even aware that someone else was pulling the strings.

Resolute, she grabbed the phone and turned off the reminder alarm. “We’ve gotta go soon.”

“We’re going to find her,” He dropped her bikini back into the suitcase, pivoted and then reached into his drawers, scooped up the contents and dumped them into the empty suitcase next to hers. “Packing done. Let’s do this.”

How he managed to look so confident standing with only a towel wrapped around his hips, she had no idea. But he did. That just made the urge to poke his oversized ego too tempting to ignore.

She glided a finger down his bare chest, loving the way his jaw hardened as he attempted to maintain his iron-hold on the control he valued almost above all else. “You forgot something.”

“What’s that?” he asked, his voice strained.

She hooked her finger around the towel and tugged it free. “Pants?”

“Kitten…” Whip quick, he grasped her waist and lifted her up so she fit snugly against his hard cock. “I know you loved me best naked.”

Damn. He had her dead to rights on that one. She wrapped her legs around his waist and took his face between her palms. “I love you any way I can have you, but yeah naked is my favorite.”

She lowered her mouth to his and showed him just how much. When their lips met it wasn’t soft and gentle—it never was with them. It was all fire and passion and immediacy. They’d burned fast and scorching hot from the first time she’d walked into the Devil’s Dip Gym he owned. They’d fought it, but the heat won out.

He slid his hands down to her ass, cupping it, as she rocked against him. Even fully clothed, her body ached from the sweet torment of touching him. She couldn’t get enough. She had to taste him everywhere.

Somehow over the blood rushing in her ears, she heard the elevator ping. Fuck. It was the only entrance to the loft and no one thought to call ahead first. Of course if they were on the approved list, all they had to do was punch in the code and scan their thumb print to get in. The approved list was short—only Taz’s brothers and her girls—but right now everyone was working around the clock on the mission to bring Gidget home. The number two above the elevator doors lit up. And that’s what happened when you lived on the third floor of the building that housed the Devil’s Dip Gym on the first floor and the B-Squad Investigation and Security headquarters on the second—you never left work behind.

She broke the kiss. “If that’s one of your brothers for something stupid, I’m going to shoot them.”

“Not if I get to my gun first.” He released his hold on her ass, letting her body slide against his before her feet touched the floor, and then grabbed his towel and tied it around his waist.

Bianca spun around just as the elevator doors parted. Because of the loft’s open layout, there weren’t any walls between the bedroom area and the elevator on the opposite side of the loft so she had an unobstructed of the woman who strutted on four inch heels out of the elevator and into the living room. Blindingly beautiful with long, blonde, artfully waved hair and a face that would make fashion photographers weep with joy, she wore a calf-length trench coat.

“Honey, I’m home,” the woman called out as she took off her sunglasses, revealing the woman’s murderously cold blue eyes.

Bianca went for her SIG SAUER on the nightstand next to the bed. Taz grabbed her arm, stoping her before she could take a step. His fingers bit into her arm and pain shot up her arm.

“Taz,” she called out, wincing.

But he didn’t react. All of his attention was focused solely on the woman.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he asked, his voice vibrating with fury.

“Is that any way to talk to your wife?” The woman opened her coat revealing the rounded belly of a woman in her second trimester. “You know, I’ve missed you, Honey Bear.”

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